Rishi Sunak UK Prime Minister 2023
King Charles III
The Rolling Stones. Pocket Square design

Benedict Cumberbatch

Kanye West

Elvis & Mike Tyson
Vlad Cazino/Kindred - illustrations for Romanian TV commercial
Euromoney Magazine
Six business portraits

The Elites

Leonardo DiCaprio
Trans Trump
T-Shirt Design
Scarlet Johansson - Empire Magazine

Alan Vega & Martin Rev - Suicide

Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak

Harry Kane

Bob Hoskins
Barack Obama - The Washington Post 

Harry Kane

Sir Winston Churchill. Pocket square design for Turnbull & Asser
Sir Michael Caine
Part of 'Legends 2016' promoting a collection by Turnbull & Asser
Samuel L Jackson
Part of 'Legends 2016' promoting a collection by Turnbull & Asser
William Shatner -The Washington Post

Armando Iannucci - Time Out

Stephen Fry - The Radio Times
Henry Blofeld
'The Wit & Wisdom Of The Test Match Special' , BBC Books 
Sir Michael Caine - 'Desert Island Discs' for The Radio Times
Will & Kate - Tatler Magazine

Michael Gove - Front cover for Public Finance

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